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Last Alpha 3!


Urbis DZ15
Urbis DZ15

Surviving GR100
Surviving GR100

Last Alpha 3!

Uploaded by: trencheel303
Imagename: Last Alpha 3!
Image Description: This is, as far as I know, Dunoon's last intact Alpha 3. There is one other, about half a KM up the road, but is missing its bowl. I seem to recall at one time in the 90s this stretch was lit mostly by Alpha 3s - even as a child (and in the dark!!) you can't really mistake that luminaire shape for anything else. It's now lit by ZX3s, the odd Z8600 and currently one Arc. Bizarrely, the Alpha 3, and its post, seems to have been largely forgotten. Unless it has managed to avoid needing a new lamp for a *very* long time, it would have been the last in the line to be replaced by ZX3s, with the lanterns on the other side (behind the camera) being mostly Alpha 8s and Z8600s, so presumably newer as well. This one, and its bowl-less neighbour further up, runs SON (-E, if I'm not mistaken).
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Uploaded: Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:13 pm
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CommentPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:43 pm 
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this was sadly removed shortly after. it's less-bowl brother up the road still works, with a -T lamp, and another less-bowl version in the town is now unlit. I suspect failed lamp as it has been burning pink for a long time.

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