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Glasgow forgotten incandescent lanterns 50+ year old


LPS on the corner
LPS on the corner

Glasgow forgotten incandescent lanterns 50+ year old

Uploaded by: trencheel303
Imagename: Glasgow forgotten incandescent lanterns 50+ year old
Image Description: Incandescent open lanterns from days gone by in Glasgow. Clocked the very same in the background of a family photo from 1966, so these were used in Glasgow at least 50 years ago. Glasgow was still lit partly by gas until the 1970s, and then in the decades that follow had an onslaught of SOX installations along with - at the time - state of the art thorn Alpha Three, Eight and other lanterns. They run SON/CDO now, and may have done in the past or mercury.

These open incandescent lanterns look like a GEC design, I'm not sure from when. The austere design cues suggest anything from 1930 to ca. 1960s. The remains of the glass lamp in the lamp holder, in particular the stem suggests possibility of a GEC design, I suspect 300 or 500 Watts depending on application (probably 300 Watts for this off the road path).

I have no idea when these specific examples last work, and I guess as a general these probably fell out of favour in the 70s or 80s.
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