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Liverpool various (set 2)


Liverpool various (set 2)
Liverpool various (set 2)

Liverpool various (set 2)
Liverpool various (set 2)

Liverpool various (set 2)

Uploaded by: mazeteam
Imagename: Liverpool various (set 2)
Image Description: Some more pictures of different installations from scouseland


1 - Norris Green... an unbroken line of traction poles (still with stubs left over from the support brackets) that now hold Philips MA 90's (internal gear) and all are fed from overhead.
2 - Croxteth... a mixture of 90w GEC Bricks, newer Philips MA90's and 1970's MA90's in the distance
3 - a Highfield (1) column just off Muirhead Avenue East
4 - Highfield in Adcote Close
5 - This Highfield in Little Heyes Street has a partly broken bowl and has been disconnected... on closer inspection you will see a crack making it's way down the front of the column from the top.
6 - Highfield replacement in Sands Avenue - this highfield lantern is in a poor way.
7 - Close up of the broken Highfield... black tape and cable ties have been used to give some sort of secure hold for the lamp
8 - Highfield on a triangular concrete column in Sands Ave
9 - Sadly slightly bluured... but from this (unidentified) street just south of the city centre you get a view right across the mersey to the Wirral, and beyond to the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales
10 - Gateway to China Town, lit by LED floodlights. Bespoke chinese style lanterns have been made for this road (to supplement light from Alpha 3's), and the optic shape makes me think they may be Urbia lanterns.
11 - on this unidentified side road is a GEC Z5760 bulkhead dayburning a SON lamp. The feeder box has lost its door - and I don't know what the white box is, because it isn't a sprinkler switch.
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