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Street Lighting - current status of your interest
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Author:  ZQH [ Thu Sep 17, 2020 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Street Lighting - current status of your interest

Secret User wrote:
I also like to look at old Street View for the same reason as when Street View was introduced it was right as my council was starting the mass replacement so 95% of things there are still intact.

I wish Google street view imagery went back further than 2008.  I was born in 1992 in Bury St Edmunds but a huge number of old SOX, turtles, and other ex-mercury lanterns were wiped out with Urbis Sapphires in the early 2000s - including some of the very first side road Sapphires, which had only begun production in 2002 and started appearing there shortly after.  By 2008 pretty much everywhere that had been due to have Sapphires installed had done so, therefore you can’t look back on Google street view.

Thankfully nearly 20 years later, anywhere that wasn’t replaced with Sapphires back then still mostly retains old and some quite rare lanterns. At the time I really liked the look of the Sapphire lanterns and wanted them to replace everything, of course I’d think differently now.

Author:  RTM Boy [ Sat Sep 26, 2020 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Street Lighting - current status of your interest

Similarly my interest in street lighting began as a child. For much of my childhood in what was then the Borough of Hendon a REVO Dalek on a 15ft Angelo concrete column sat outside our front gate, with its galvanised metal access cover proudly stamped with REVO greeting me every time we went out.  The nightly SOX start up fascinated me from a very early age when such colour spectacles stood out in greyer times.

A very wide area of residential streets had this combination of column and luminaire, sometimes with S&L fluted steel columns and main roads lit mainly by REVO and GEC SOX on a similar mix of concrete and S&L columns. All became SOX and remained so until PFI, even if the 1950s installations disappeared more gradually with later steel columns and mainly GEC luminaries came in in the early 1970s.

Much variety could be found in neighbouring boroughs such as mercury units In Hampstead and Camden, or fluorescent installations in the West End, as Simon observed, painted according to the Borough preference.

Borough shields and crests could be found on column access doors As well as location-specific oddities all over the place.

It is indeed a pity that the diversity not only of lamping, but also column materials, designs and colours has so rapidly disappeared. Every suburb and town centre was characterised by its own street lighting design and style that gave it its own sense of place.

Now, rather like the high street itself, such places have become homogenised. Perhaps the march of the ubiquitous galvanised column lacking anything more than a purely functional aesthetic was inevitable as civic pride, such as it was, dissipated.

To be fair to some local authorities, many have made the effort to try to choose effective LED lighting. The TRT Aspects now widespread in Lincs, Rutland and Warwickshire are better than most both in terms of aesthetic and effectively lighting the roadway without overpowering glare.

But I miss the variety and opportunities to acquire old luminaries are far fewer and further between these days.

I will never lose my interest in the subject, but the golden days were those of the Golden Rays and there they will stay(s)

Author:  halowraith1 [ Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Street Lighting - current status of your interest

My interest has declined too. there's not much to see anymore. I wouldn't be so bothered if the new LEDs had orange/yellow light. I know that some companies do make LEDs that produce SOX/SON-like light, but as far as my knowledge goes, they are not used in the UK. If only we could get a petition with enough signatures to change them!

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