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Dying Lanterns
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Author:  Ali ZX2 [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Dying Lanterns

With the death of the Urbis ZX2, the Philips SGS306 traffic vision and the Philips SGS201, as well as the weakening of the Urbis ZX3 and the continuing lack of popularity for the Philips SGS203/ WRTL MRL6. For instance in London, apart from some boroughs using the SGS203 as occasional casual replacements, the only borough left still using it as a staple lantern is, possibly,Brent, whilst only Newham remain using the WRTL MRL6 as its staple lantern. Therefore it appears that the long lived second generation SON lanterns are finally coming to the end of the product life-cycle.

Therefore I was wondering, In an ideal world, if you had your choice:

> Which 5 lanterns would you save from the grim reaper?
> Which 5 lanterns would you happily throw into the arms of the grim reaper ?
> Which 5 lanterns would you resurrect?
> Which 5 lanterns would you keep dead?

For me it has to be:


> WRTL MRL 6 - It might be old now, but do not let that fool you, because when this was originally released, it was far ahead of its times, and throughout its life it has always looked great. However as its generation of SON lanterns are nearly all discontinued, I would like to hold on to this one for as long as possible.
> WRTL SRL 8 - For the same reason as the MRL 6, only that it is the last of its type for side roads, and even though it has become woefully unpopular in recent years, I personally believe it still looks great.
> Philips SGS203 -  Not the best lantern I will admit, but since the death of the ZX2 and the demise of the ZX3, really all that is left of the 2nd generation SONs are this and the MRL 6.
> Philips MA/SRS series - Wonderful classic, and the last of its kind (and because of that, still popular as a casual replacement... if this goes, all that will be left is the good but annoyingly unpopular WRTL Iris.
> CU Phosco P178/P107 - I love these classics, it harks back to the days when CU Phosco were good at designing lanterns... but lets be honest here, How In The World Do These Ancient Lanterns STILL exist  :o   ...................... does anybody buy these, plus are they still in production because CU Phosco simply forgot about them  :cry:


> Thorn Triumph - Urgh, this lantern is a joke that's only popular in Hong Kong. I am pretty sure this was simply designed as an April Fools Day joke which mistakenly got put into production on the pretense that it was meant to be an actual lantern of some sort.
> Thorn Riviera - Always lived in the shadow of the ZX2/3s success......although in terms of its sheer, ungainly, ill-proportioned size, the fugly Riviera would then cast a huge shadow over the ZXs.... Infact, when comparing the ZX3 to the Riviera 2, the Riviera 2 makes the large ZX3 looks slim and sleek like the WRTL Luma  :lol:
> Thorn Gamma Basique - I dont know what irritates me more about this lantern; is it the fact that out of the wonderful 1980s Thorn Range of the Alphas, Betas and Gamma (which had some fantastic lanterns like the Alpha 8/4, Beta 79 etc), the only one to still survive is the dreary, unlikable and dull Gamma 6, which became even uglier when it became the Gamma Basique.... Or is what annoys me the fact that if this lantern always remains in production, Bromley won't stop using it until the end of time (albeit only as casual replacements). Therefore my message is simple really: Just. Kill. It. Off. Already.
> WRTL Vectra - Not the best lantern to be honest, and quite frankly it looks like the b**tard love child of the MK2 Thorn alpha 8 and the Philips SGS306 trafficvision.
> Urbis ZXU1 - The ZX1 was good but not a looker, but this has upped the ante in terms of ugliness, and because it is based on an ancient design, with plummeting popularity, it simply must go.


> Thorn Alpha 8 - Had lots of character, but also was used almost by every single London borough (as well as throughout Cyprus), and ultimately Londons most popular lantern EVER.
> Thorn Alpha 4 - Really likeable classic, which may have given the Philips MA/SRS a real run for its money. Definetely a high point for the once-brilliant Thorn.
> Eleco GR range - Elegant Classic, and was personally one of my favourite SOX designed lanterns. Like the ZX2, the GR range looked fantastic no matter what it was attached to.
> GEC Z9554/ GEC Brick - A really likeable classic, which time is mostly proving that they are also rather reliable and possibly robust.
> Urbis ZX2 - I love the ZX2, and considering its vast popularity in London as well as the rest of the country, I still believe it had more years ahead of it.

Remain Dead

> Urbis DZ15 - This lantern was the main reason for Lewisham's likeable lighting stock reputation going straight down the toilet. What a dreary, ugly lantern!
> Urbis Sintra - A design that should have simply should not have made it past the drawing board. The b**tard love child of the Urbis ZX12 and the Thorn Pilote.
> Philips SGS306 Traffic Vision - Good Ridance to this utter monstrosity. Never Ever EVER come back from the dead. Just simply stay dead already.
> Philips SGS201 - Finally dead! Far too bulky for a side road lantern and an INCREDIBLY dull, dreary design, especially if the lantern was weathered.
> Thorn Alpha 2000 - A slightly better looking Riviera, but that is no prize considering this only ever a polished turd at best. The Thorn Oracle is an evolution of this design, but is a huge, vast improvement (and is proof that Thorn can go back to making great looking lanterns after all).

What do you think of this plus what would all of yours be and why?

Author:  Scott15 [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

Bring back (realistically):
-Alpha 8 - change some aspects such as bowl securing, metal canopy again possibly.
-Beta 79 - same changes as above.
-The 'old' post tops, not modern rubbish mentioned in previous post.

Kill off:
-Vectra / Trafficvision - ugly and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives are available.
- Indal 2600 - no character at all, GRP, almost identical Delta is available as replacement.

Author:  Alex [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

I think while there are usually trends in opinion amongst enthusiasts, the whole concept is still really subjective! For example, I agree with  your 'resurrections' and 'kills' but some of the 'remain deads' I rather like - I guess it's just a matter of opinion! :)

What's interesting when discussing this kind of thing is asking the question WHY you dislike certain lanterns? Not everyone gives good justifications from a design perspective but rather an over-population perspective. For example, if here were only half a dozen Iridiums used in the country, they probably wouldn't be hated so much - I personally like their form (although I must admit to not liking the deep bowl variants). Also, it is important to consider performance too - why should the SRL 8 be a saved priority when the GR70 was its successor? The same goes for the ZX1 over the ZXU1, when the latter clearly is more versatile? Again it comes down to other subjective qualities, often based on design (I prefer the ZX1 to the ZXU1) or population (Philips MA are dying so therefore they become more favourable, compared to back in the '80s when they were replacing many old GEC SOX lanterns en masse!)

Author:  Phozagora [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

Ali ZX2 wrote:
> Which 5 lanterns would you save from the grim reaper?
> Which 5 lanterns would you happily throw into the arms of the grim reaper ?
> Which 5 lanterns would you resurrect?
> Which 5 lanterns would you keep dead?
About lanterns in UK


- PHILIPS Marbella (SGS 201 / 203 / 204 range)
- GEC Z8600 / MRL 6
- GEC Z8830 / SRL 8


- THORN Civic
- PHILIPS SRS 201 (I don't like LPS lanterns in general)
- THORN Gamma 6
- THORN Beta 5


- THORN Alpha 3
- THORN Beta 79
- THORN Alpha 8

Still dead

- THORN Alpha 4

... but in the course of time, I become attached to most of lanterns that exist in France and all over Europe.

Author:  mazeteam [ Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

Save -

1. Philips MA series, but modernise with aluminium canopy and Fluorescent/LED options
2. Phosco P178
3. WRTL 2000 series

Chuck -
1. any lantern designed in Italy, they all look absolutely horrid.
2. Urbis ZX series - outstayed it's time now, inferior optics compared to newer lanterns, and are prone to damage.
3. Thorn Triumph/Civic - they look like they were designed by the same person, probably on something at the time of designing!
4. Thorn Riviera - plastic copy of the Alpha 2000, but slightly smaller and much harder to access the insides of. Personally I prefer the A2000.
5. Siteco SR type lanterns - looks like a poor mans knock-off iridium.

Bring Back -
1. Thorn Gamma 2 but with LED's aligned along the bowl line (the size of the lantern would allow the LED's to be set back for a bigger optic per LED to house a bigger convex lense to magnify the LED). Gamma 1 too would be nice!
2. GEC top entry lanterns like Z5580 and Group A 'Wembley' lanterns but with full LED optics.
3. Eleco 'Way' post top lanterns, but with clear bowls and LED optics (refractor optional)
4. Atlas Alpha 8 with LED optics, maintaining split control function.
5. Alpha 8 and Beta 79 - metal canopy and modern light sources/optics.
6. MRL6, as Alpha 8.

Author:  Santaarnpaal [ Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

mazeteam wrote:
Save -

3. WRTL 2000 series

Those are saved. ... ductId=389

Author:  mazeteam [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

OOH, and LED version - now I'd like to see THOSE fitted along cycle routes and local streets!

Author:  Alpha3 [ Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns


Urbis ZX3
Thorn Alpha 2000
Urbis DZ15

Get rid of:

SGS 203
Industria 2600
Thorn Beta 79
Vandalite Skye
Thorn Civic 1/2

Bring back:

Thorn Alpha 5
GEC Turtle
GEC Brick
Thorn Alpha 8
Thorn Alpha 3
Urbis Z1/2/3
Thorn Pilote T1/2/3
Thorn Gamma 5
Thorn Gamma 4
Thorn Triumph

Never bring back:

Thorn Alpha 4
Thorn Alpha 6
Thorn Beta 2/5

Author:  Acacia Cat [ Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

These are my feelings about lanterns

SGS 201/3/4 (A very likeable design, could have an LED conversion)
MRL6 (see above)
Trafficvision/Vectra (I just think they look like long lost twins)
Arc (like a modernised MRL6)

Thorn Triumph/Civic (they suggest that the designers were drunk)
WRTL 2500 (An overall uglier twin of the delta lantern)
Siteco SR200 (Like a cross between an Arc and a ZX3
Riviera/Alpha 2000 (Look like the B******d children of the MRL6 and the Vectra)

MA series
GEC bricks (An extremely likeable classic)
GEC Z9580 (Like a mini brick)
Alpha 8
All the Turtles

Beta 2/5 (Rip offs of the GEC Z9580)
Sintra (looks like a mutation of the SGS204 and the ZX3)

Author:  Indust [ Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dying Lanterns

WRTL MRL 6/SRL 8 (I would have terminated these but they are still being installed in places so don't deserve to die just yet)
Philips SGS203 (Love it or hate it, one size lantern can cater for 50w-250w in one body, the canopy and bowl could use different materials though)
Philips SRS201 range (Still used on parts of the M4 for casual replacements, and by some councils. Could be designed with PL-L and LEDs as a budget version.)

Philips SGS101 'Streetfighter' (Very outdated and not as popular as SGS203 or Iridium)
Philips Selenium (Ugly, never popular and overshadowed by the Iridium)
Philips Modena (Ugly and overshadowed, yet again)
WRTL 2600 (Cheap and not great, the Delta is much nicer. Might keep the 2601 though.)

Bring back:
GEC Z5590/REVO Prefect ranges, but fitted with LED clusters and basic reflectors in the canopy.
Thorn Alpha 10 - cut-off LED range, or twin cosmopolis lamps, good for roundabouts where one could be switched off after a certain time.
GEC 'Bricks', as above

Keep dead:
Phosco P700 (Ugly and not very popular, limited lamp options, glad it's been recently killed off)
Urbis Sinatra (Terrible, terrible design)
Z9554/Z9530 ranges - I find the newer models with GRP canopies very tacky.

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