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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2021 12:40 am 
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I was talking to a guy who works for SSE who are the contractor for the Newcastle PFI and he believes the councils done their own deals on the lanterns used, hence why two different manufacturers have been used. Just as you come off the Central Motorway onto the Coast Road I’ve noticed two of the large multi lamp circular lanterns have been replaced with R2L2s on a triple bracket installation.

There have just been around four columns cut down on the A19 Tees Flyover, I don’t know whether this was done due to storm Arwen or previously due to structural failure. The flyover has a mix of SOX, SON and LED on it now. I presume the whole thing is waiting a full relighting scheme with new columns. Around half a dozen were replaced around 2 years ago on the central reservation section on the bridge it’s self with new octagonal steel columns and led lanterns, one of which has been replaced by one of the new SON lanterns. I just can’t understand why if that number of columns had failed the whole lot wouldn’t be replaced. The A19 is very well maintained regarding lighting, knockdowns are replaced pretty fast and there isn’t too many lanterns out compared to some trunk roads. This must be down to the DBF0 agreement.

Durham is turning into a total mis match of lanterns and lantern sizes, the same street can have 2 different sizes of Isaro Pro with no difference in mounting heigh or column spacing. Most of the recent replacements are taking place on the lanterns mounted on the overhead electric network. A lot of the old brackets are being replaced with combination boxes. Seems strange that they are putting new led lanterns onto columns that are normally replaced a few weeks down the line using totally different lanterns. For example what is happening on the A693 between Stanley and Chester le Street currently. I take it they only have so long to get all the new lanterns fitted so are going back when they can to do the column upgrades.

The Newcastle part of the A1 Western Bypass has its new columns and lanterns fitted as part of the widening works, the new columns are centre mounted on the new concrete barrier and are using Amperas, many of which are turned or drooping forwards following the storm. I wonder what happened to the not very old LED lanterns that were removed before the scheme began. Presumably scrapped. It’s a pity one of the cash strapped local councils couldn’t have reused them as they were only a couple of years old.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2021 5:03 pm 
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Ah I thought that might be the case (councils choosing their own lanterns). Yes there a a few R2L2 lanterns dotted around Newcastle (I think these were replacements before the LED upgrades)

Yes I noticed they cut down the columns on the Tees flyover, the lighting on the flyover is in a bit of a sorry state and really could do with a full replacement scheme. And failed lanterns do seem to replaced fairly quickly on the A19, there seems to be 2 or 3 more Phosco p680s every time I drive down the A19, though the optics from them really are horrendous, though I have a feeling this is due to them being installed incorrectly (the 5 position refractor not in the right position) As much as people dislike the Iridium 1, it has proved a reliable lantern and has very good optics and light spread, even with flat glass. Though they had no option but to find a new supplier for replacement SON lanterns since the Iridium is now discontinued.

Also it looks as though the last section of MA60s near Sunderland are being replaced. I noticed that quite a lot of the SON lanterns had suffered a little in storm Arwen, some brackets had twisted, lanterns twisted, drooping forwards etc however these were quickly rectified within a few days. However some of the MA60s suffered too with twisted brackets etc, however these still haven't been touched. Then over the last few days verge works have started, the verges are being dug up and new cabling is being laid so it looks as though they wont be there for very much longer.

On a side note, a few years ago on the final stretch of MA60s some maintenance was carried out, and quite a few were re-lamped with 135w SOX lamps instead of the 180w they should have. It just makes the lantern look very odd having a lamp that's too short for the fixture. Whether this was because SOX lanterns are increasing hard to get hold of or whether it was a cost saving thing, I don't know. Either way its irrelevant now as they will be replaced imminently.

And regard the new Amperas on the widened section of the A1, there have also recently been some new columns and lanterns put up along there but on the verge rather than mounted on the concrete barrier. They caught my eye as they have twin brackets with 2 Teceos on each column, been a long time since I have seen them doing that! I haven't seen them at night but it seems a little OTT if you ask me.


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