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 Post subject: Re: Surrey PFI
PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2023 10:17 am 
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Again, a number of those non-PFI spec installations are on unadopted roads

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 Post subject: Re: Surrey PFI
PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2023 2:26 pm 
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Sonsoxman wrote:
On Surrey/Hampshire border near North Camp Station a few ZX1 that survived the PFI have been replaced by LED converted Indal Libra. g_st=ic

In the centre of Camberley lots of black Indal Arcs still survive on Park Street and Charles street. With one of them being replaced by a green arc.
More green Arcs on park street.

Shepherd and Flock Roundabout in Farnham is still lit with Indal arc even though the rest of street light have been replaced in late 2020 and early 2021.
Same thing with Monkton Lane.
And Woolmead Road.
Unadopted street  with Urbis Sapphires. (Anstey Road)

New build estate with a mix of green and grey coloured Libras + Arcs. Yaldens Gardens Ash.

Green Amperas were used by Surrey before DW Windsor Eco.

A308 Egham Bypass.

The Maultway Roundabout Lightwater.

DW Windsor Kirium pro were also used.
At Tongham Services.

A couple of Indal Arc survive at the junction with A3 and B3000 Puttenham Heath Road. The street here were replaced in July 2020 and that’s actually how I learnt Surrey has started replaced to LED.

More Arcs in the centre of Woking.
The replacement are white Urbis Ampera
on decorative columns.

Grey pre PFI Indal Arcs and Thorn Alpha 8 survive in Woking.
Some surviving Arcs on A322
London Road in Egham Wick also has Indal Arcs.  The were originally meant to be replaced in 2021.

Near Longcross studios and M3 some grey Indal
Arc on aluminium columns went from being side entry to post top mounted. From this
To this
The one further along are new green.

Schreder Thylia in Redhill.

Looks like Reigate & Banstead District and  Tandridge were the last to receive LED with many street lights being still lit with SON and in the process of being replaced looking at GSV from March/ April this year.
Those street light might be gone by now or are about to be replaced. The one on this bridge over the M25 on London Road North were replaced by May 1st.
So just a few weeks after this Streetview was taken.
Tylehurst Drive still has ZX1.
Urbis Sapphires located on Foxboro Road and a few others including Reynolds Avenue.
Surrey green Philips Iridium and some Sox Philips MA50 on St Anne’s Drive.
Another pre PFI Iridium on Nutfield Road.

What an excellent post with lots of detail. Disappointed at a one liner response from another member as clearly it’s taken you a long time to write  that.

I have a good knowledge of Surrey cc’s lighting stock so I’ll do my best to provide explanations where I can.

Surrey cc do still adopt street lighting, I mentioned this on another post and was quickly reminded how wrong I was (but in Surrey’s case I’m not!). In fact that’s what your first GSV shows us. A good chunk of the residential lighting in Ash is owned and maintained by the parish council, mainly using SON thorn Riga lanterns and cheap LEDs. You will still see handfuls of Libras and now Kirium Ecos (formerly Arcs) in that town. On the side notes, They are actually looking to adopt the private lights around Guildford in 2024.

Yes I saw the Camberley stock too, I am particularly impressed with the Pride columns they look fantastic. I am presuming they will use black coloured Kirium Ecos when they order them in. At present there is a material shortage for LED lanterns, all councils are facing delays with lighting stock. Essex cc as a side note have to use a mix of Kirium Ecos and Axia 3s due to shortages. Surrey cc like to keep lighting mostly uniform so I think they’d rather wait. Also, due to only main road lanterns being updated, they only need something like 22,000 replacement led fittings. Essex needed 83,000 lanterns!

The surviving Farnham Arcs I'm not to sure, however generally roundabouts and busy roads need extensive traffic management. This is expensive and time consuming. Also, some the the Arcs are under power lines which creates a huge risk issue. Another thing is to consider, the Arc lanterns are on long brackets and so I’ve seen I happen in only a handful on locations in Surrey, they may wish to chop the brackets back. The lanterns haven’t been forgotten, this is a calculated move as one of the arcs has had a branch node fitted to it to keep the rest connected for now.

The Arcs that seemingly have been missed are next to a new estate. The road will likely be changed (eg pavement amendments, sewage works, electricity works) and so they are holding back on lantern replacements as it’s likely column position will change, when this happens the lighting will probably change to kirium pros. A document ( ... .pdf#page6)
outlines that if the developer needs to change the lighting OR they want the lighting adapted by Surrey cc they need to use tool-less entry  lanterns (Surrey suggest the Kirium Pro). It’s funny as if it was at the cost of Surrey cc they’d settle for the Kirium Eco which isn’t tool less entry.

The Arc and Alpha 8 will most likely come under the control  of Woking. Some town councils still contract out the council to do maintenance so potentially should one of these lanterns need swapping out for led a Kirium eco might be fitted with a ZAGAH photocell rather than a node.

The green Arcs fitted by the M3 have been fitted as a result of development and construction of that roundabout. Due to the nature of the environment the lanterns are in  (high speed), it’s safer to have crash safe columns. The columns  are in the classic Surrey green. I’m presuming the site will be visited for an LED update when resources become available.

Tylehurst Drive is a private road. Most likely to still be maintained by Surrey cc as columns are in the Surrey green colour.

The green Phillips iridium would have most likely been installed by the new build developers that you can see it’s on the road opposite to the fixture. Not sure why it hasn’t been done though.

 Post subject: Re: Surrey PFI
PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2023 8:00 pm 
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Thank You for your response
The Arcs near M3 were already crash safe but lost there bracket or had there columns replaced to brackets less ones and they are probably installed by the developers
The green Iridium is possibly from before the PFI as Iridiums were used by
SCC and was never changed or road was never adopted.

Also the streets lights that  haven’t been replaced yet including ones I mentioned are being replaced looking at SCC website. ... me-V28.pdf

There a quite a few of privately owned roads in Ash some SOX exited there until quite recently.
Also some MOD owned lights in Surrey in Bisley.

Some Urbis Albany in Deepcut on a possibly private housing estate.
Also I don’t believe that the ZX1 on the unadopted road are SCC
Maintained just because they have a green lamppost. The road has been built to council spec but never adopted. Its definitely maintained by a private
Company and not the council.
Same thing with this street just off The Avenue in Lightwater.

 Post subject: Re: Surrey PFI
PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2023 6:04 pm 
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The black Arcs on Charles Street, Camberley were replaced between early September and early November with black Kirium Ecos. The ones on Park Street including the  
green coloured Arcs running SON were still there as of mid November.


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